Matr Boomie Interview


The Matr Boomie team had the great privilege of speaking with Kevin Natapow of Creative Retail Solutions for this second installment of our Retailer Scope Series. His company, Creative Retail Solutions, serves to lend retail/inventory expertise to Fair Trade shops around the nation. Before starting Creative Retail Solutions, Kevin co-founded Momentum, a Fair Trade store in Boulder, CO. He helped grown Momentum in to a successful Fair Trade business and now lends his expertise to other retailers. Mango Tree Imports of Saratoga Springs, NY began working with Kevin in early 2016 and has seen a marked improvement since his involvement. They report, “With the inventory management procedures that we’ve put in place the store is doing much better.” Read on to see Kevin’s main areas of focus when it comes to revitalizing retail and creating meaningful experiences for your customers.

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