How to Stay Relevant: Growing Sales in a New Retail Landscape


Hosted by Ganesh Himal Trading and Creative Retail Solutions

Wednesday, 12 February 2020 from 17:00-18:30 PST



Join our live webinar featuring well known Retail Consultant, Kevin Natapow, as he presents “How to Stay Relevant: Growing Sales in a New Retail Landscape.” As the retail landscape changes, many shops face new challenges. Kevin’s extensive experience as a retail consultant and his knowledge about current trends in the marketplace bring creative solutions to help your business thrive in uncertain times.

Kevin Natapow is a retail consultant specializing in inventory management, business development, POS systems, HR, customer service and marketing. His company, Creative Retail Solutions, serves to lend retail/inventory expertise to Fair Trade and other retail shops around the nation. Before starting Creative Retail Solutions, Kevin co-founded Momentum, a Fair Trade store in Boulder, CO. He helped grown Momentum in to a successful Fair Trade business and now lends his expertise to other retailers.